Prysmian ECO CABLE


Prysmian ECO CABLE

Prysmian ECO CABLE: supporting operator and broadband decarbonisation

Prysmian is committed to increasing revenue from low-polluting products, increasing waste recycling, and cutting down on emissions, with ECO CABLE.

ECO CABLE uses measurable and known assessment criteria to summarize the contribution that cables can provide in terms of climate change effect. This paves the way for the cable industry to be included in eco or green labelling systems. Prysmian applies a six-point matrix-based scoring system to all our telecom cables. Criteria are derived from standards, including EC classifications, used in the market to determine how sustainable a product is.

Since full-fibre networks consume drastically less electricity than copper-based broadband networks and enable energy savings, fibre can help achieve the energy transition in line with the European Green Deal. ECO CABLE labelled products are a big step forward both to helping reduce the environmental impact of the Group and to strengthening its sustainability strategy and active role as a promoter of a sustainable development, as well as at accelerating the Group’s race to net-zero CO2 emissions.

With ECO CABLE, Prysmian pledges to provide transparent and clear indications and information on the ‘greenness’ of our cables based on our three key drivers: sustainability, reliability, and quality. Any cable that passes our data-driven threshold receives ECO CABLE-certification. Prysmian’s ECO CABLE label criteria include:

  • Carbon Footprint
    This is calculated according to “cradle-to-gate” approach and combined with other parameters to achieve full “cradle-to-grave” carbon footprint
  • Absence of Substances of Very High Concern
    Products must be free of substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction, or hazardous for the environment
  • Recyclability/Circularity
    Materials used in cables should be potentially recyclable or the products themselves should be potentially fully recyclable
  • Recycling input rate
    This represents recycled material in a cable, purchased from external suppliers as well as reused by Prysmian itself
  • Environmental benefits
    This applies to low-carbon enabling products, CPR compliant cables, and cables used for green energy sources
  • Cable transmission efficiency
    (for optical cables this implies an increase in fibre density) The more efficient the cable, the more sustainable its performance.

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