Introducing our third Value: SIMPLICITY

Introducing our third Value: SIMPLICITY

Our third and final value has been unveiled: we strive to achieve SIMPLICITY when it comes to processes and practices.

"Constantly moving even during the difficult times. We’ve been created to find the solution so we are fast pace and get into the front of the line"

Michelle Chesko - Supply Chain Manager

"I’m all the time looking to do the things better, different, as quick as possible"

Carlos Correa - Supply Chain Manager

"Accountability means that you feel responsible for what you’re doing, you’re responsible for the outcome of what you do"

Leif Bajarias - Financial Controller


We bet to simplify anything we can, focusing on high value generating activities and timely decisions to boost our Company results.

We are really focused on delivering values to the customer in the most efficient way possible. We constantly try to do things better, being accountable for our teams and most of all for our Company: for us, that is what lies behind our third value.

From now on, we will start working together to become the Company we aspire to be.

Our new Values represent another step forward in our journey together, combining the best of each and every contribution coming from our People.

We aspire to the extraordinary.