Prysmian Group presents new CEO in Latin America

Prysmian Group new CEO in Latin America

World leader in the Energy and Telecommunications industry, Prysmian Group presents its new CEO for Latin America as of January 1, 2022. The Mexican-American Alejandro Quiroz, was invited last summer by the board of directors, to succeed the Venezuelan Juan Mogollon.

After successfully leading the Group in the region since 2018, integrating the businesses during the General Cable acquisition, Mogollón will now lead Prysmian's global Energy division from its headquarters in Milan, Italy.

On the other hand, Quiroz brings vast international experience in global companies from various industries such as automotive, consumer durable goods and industrial technologies, working in Latin America, EMEA, Asia and the United States. He has expanded his responsibilities across the enterprise in global companies such as Whirlpool Corporation, Tenneco Inc. and Continental AG.

In 2017, Alejandro returns to Latin America to lead the company Delphi Mexico, currently Aptiv PLC. During 2018, he expanded his responsibilities in charge of a multi-billion dollar business, EDS NA (Electrical Distribution Systems, North America). With this achievement, in December 2018, he was promoted to President of Aptiv Latin America.


Quiroz holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Universidad de las Américas-Puebla), an MBA (Ross - University of Michigan) and also holds executive education degrees in both strategy (INSEAD, Singapore) and business (Hult's Ashridge Business School, United Kingdom). Alejandro also brings board experience as Non-Executive Director, in Europe and the United States, of non-profit organizations and global private equity.

“The Prysmian Group's goals are aligned with my professional objectives. We will do even more to link the future of energy and telecommunications in Latin America faster and efficiently. Of course, always being responsible with our society and environment.”

Alejandro Quiroz

Prysmian Group CEO Latin America

“The pandemic demanded from managers the sensitivity to exercise humanized leadership, joining forces internally to overcome externally imposed challenges. We know that there is much more to overcome, but we are sure that today we are better prepared, united and stronger than we were three years ago”.

Juan Mogollón

Executive Vice President Energy