Corporate volunteering: a good opportunity to make a difference and contribute to a cleaner world

Great news on the sustainability culture: the corporate volunteering has started again. In line with the principles of our Social Ambition, 45 people from the Projects Division HQ team spent four hours of their working time as volunteer to clean up a green area, take care of the vegetable garden and restore an irrigation channel in the Monza park.

The Corporate Volunteering has started in 2019 as a pilot project in our Milan HQ, and unfortunately has been suspended due to the pandemic, and now we are glad to talk about this extremely important initiative in terms of sustainability impacts. This experience aims to give back to the community by devoting some working hours to cleaning the environment. As part of this specific initiative in partnership with CREDA, an Italian non-profit organization committed to the preservation of the environment, Prysmian employees cleaned "Il Mulino delle Energie" in the area of Monza Park, by caring about the garden and the area of the old mill.

After a briefing held by the ONG, Prysmian employees were equipped with rakes and gloves. It was exciting to see about 45 employees from Projects Division HQ volunteering for half a day in action. Our colleagues were all enthusiasts for the positive impact on the environment and the team-building. In addition to the volunteering activity a donation was made for each individual participant.

A huge thank you goes to our partners Sodalitas and CREDA, but above all, to the people at Prysmian who believed in this commitment to sustainability in support of our social ambition project. We are all Sustainability Ambassadors and each one of us can make the difference to save our Earth: there isn’t plan(et) B for the next generations.

“What’s better than teamworking surrounded by nature? Having a positive impact on the environment.
So glad to have played our part!”

Loretta Toma, Giulia Solis

Proposal Installation Engineer - Submarine, Junior Project Manager

“After a long time, it was amazing sharing time with colleagues to help a community close to our territory.
Great energy and enthusiasm, can’t wait to take part to the next event!”

Antonio Rinaldi

Proposal Lead Installation Engineer - Submarine