Prysmian’s Leonardo da Vinci cable-laying vessel will be a key enabler of a carbon-neutral world by 2050

Prysmian Group Leonardo da Vinci Vessel

Prysmian’s Leonardo da Vinci cable-laying vessel will be a key enabler of a carbon-neutral world by 2050

When the Group takes delivery of 171-metre Leonardo da Vinci in 2021, it will be the most advanced cable-laying vessel in the world.

Prysmian is already a world leader in the fast-paced energy and telecoms cable sector,” says Raul Gil, Submarine BU Vice-President at Prysmian. “Thanks to our unmatched expertise, production capacity and installation capabilities, we are consistently chosen for most of the biggest projects in the world and the Leonardo da Vinci has a critical role to play in ensuring that our market share grows in the future.

At the heart of Prysmian Group’s mission is the belief that green energy should be available to all. That’s why the Group is working to link the world, efficiently and sustainably, with its cable technology, building infrastructures that will allow the green transition to a zero emission world. The Leonardo da Vinci is a state-of-the-art vessel that breaks several records: not only it will have the highest carousel capacity and bollard pull, it will also be able to operate for extended periods in challenging weather and work to the deepest depths.

“This means we will be able to carry more cable and deploy it more quickly and safely, and at a reduced cost. The vessel will allow us to offer an ever wider and more versatile range of installation services and strengthen our leadership position in this highly competitive sector.”

Raul Gil

Submarine BU Vice-President

Sustainability and decarbonization is a key part of Prysmian’s lead-by-example status in the industry.


Prysmian Group is now listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, the most important international index for assessing environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of around 2,700 companies. This sustainability journey started years ago and is based on a clear and comprehensive set of objectives that covers all the main ESG themes under the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“We’re making special effort to improve our environmental performance throughout the whole supply chain by pushing sustainable product innovation, such as recyclable cables with fewer precious metals. In short, we’re looking to enable the transition to a cleaner and smarter use of energy resources and to support the digitalization and decarbonization of economies. The Leonardo da Vinci is just one part of that overall effort.”

Hakan Ozmen

EVP Projects BU

The Group’s projects around the world are pushing innovation and breaking boundaries in cable delivery.

Market drivers for submarine cables mean lighter weight, higher power transport capacity and reduced losses. As submarine transmission cables become longer, depths become deeper and power ratings become higher, cables and systems manufacturers are faced with ever greater technical challenges. 

We believe there should be no distance that can’t be covered, no depth that can’t be reached, and no limit to the voltage that can be transmitted,Ozmen adds. “Being a leader means knowing how to innovate with a view to developing products with a lower environmental impact that provide higher value for our customers”.

As a technology enabler, Prysmian Group plays a significant role in the renewable energy industry, delivering new and reliable solutions to the rapidly growing offshore wind and solar power markets that help to lower costs and enhance productivity. Prysmian motto is ‘Deeper, Lighter, Longer, Greener’ and by demonstrating our commitment to supporting smarter and greener power grids worldwide, the Leonardo da Vinci ticks all the right boxes.