The lights are in Manhattan, the electricity comes from New Jersey

The lights are in Manhattan, the electricity comes from New Jersey

A strategical electrical link that meets Manhattan’s continuous demand for power.


Connecting New York City to additional electric power sources to upgrade and reinforce the transmission system in New Jersey: this is the main purpose of the project.

In 2011, Prysmian has been awarded a contract worth in excess of $ 175 million by Hudson Transmission Partners, LLC, to supply a strategic underground and submarine power link between New York City and the New Jersey transmission grid. 

The strategy that inspired this project involved gradually disposing of the power generation plants located in the New York urban area – which are now obsolete, inefficient and environmentally harmful – and replacing them with energy from renewable sources and natural gas.


Turnkey solution

Prysmian was responsible for every single stage of the project: design, supply and installation of both the underground and submarine transmission cable system, that runs along a total route of approximately 13 kilometres, linking New Jersey’s electricity grid to New York City. The system’s total power transmission capacity is up to 660 MW.


Over land and sea

The system consists of a bundle of three high-voltage submarine cables and two optical fibre data transmission cables, installed by the Group’s cable laying ship: C/S Giulio Verne. The submarine cables were buried under the Hudson River bed, at depth of between three and five metres, using the Hydroplow burial machine system designed by Prysmian.

The underground cable system was laid under the streets of Manhattan, along what is roughly a 900-metre route, from the submarine cables landfall to the ConEd (Consolidated Edison Company of New York) electrical substation on W 49th Street.

Local production and centres of excellence


North America is a key market for the Prysmian Group. The underground cables were manufactured in South Carolina: the optical fibre cables were made in Lexington, while most of the high voltage cables were produced in Prysmian’s state-of-the-art factory in Abbeville, the first plant devoted to producing high voltage and very high voltage cables in the US. The submarine cables were manufactured in Italy, at the Arco Felice factory in Naples.

Project numbers

660 MW

Power transferred

13 km

of underground and underwater cable

3-5 mt

Depth of underwater cable

900 mt

Length of the underground cable