Prysmian Group integrating financial and non-financial data in Integrated Annual Report 2022

Anticipating the requirements of the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and responding to external stakeholders’ input, Prysmian Group is working on the preparation of its first Integrated Annual Report to be released in March 2023.

The Prysmian Group Integrated Annual Report 2022 will include both the certified financial information usually found in its Annual Report as well as the certified non-financial data previously found in Prysmian Group’s separately published Sustainability Report. The Sustainability Report will continue to be published separately on a voluntary basis, containing wider disclosure of ESG information drafted on GRI standards, in an updated, interactive digital format. Prysmian Group will continue to publish a 2022 SASB report and 2022 TCFD Report.

“By integrating its financial and nonfinancial disclosure, Prysmian Group is sending a single, rigorous message about the company’s goals and achievements, reinforcing its commitment to becoming a global leader in sustainability,”

Maria Cristina Bifulco

Prysmian Group Chief Sustainability Officer and Investor Relations Vice President

“Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics have been integrated into our business model and the next natural step is to publish them alongside our financial results in the same document, with a unique narrative capable of telling a rigorous and engaging story about Prysmian Group as a sustainability champion and enabler of energy transition and digitalization,”

Stefano Invernici

Prysmian Group Administration Senior Vice President

The integration journey in Prysmian involves setting up a corporate cross-functional team that combines expertise in finance, sustainability, communication, HR, IT, and EHS. The team is developing a robust process for gathering content and preparing the integrated report. This process is accompanied by ad hoc training sessions and calls for wider accountability in providing and reviewing the non-financial information across the organization, from local sites to regions and up to corporate levels. As a result, the first chapters of the Integrated Annual Report 2022 to be released next year will include non-financial information. There will be a completely new chapter dedicated to Prysmian Group’s strategy, highlighting how non-financial results will be important to growing the company’s value, guiding the energy transition, and remaining the market leader.

Moreover, the Integrated Annual Report 2022 is designed to be read by all stakeholders, whereas the former annual report was mainly targeted at financial community. The goal is to create a document that can be read by anyone interested in finding all the information they need to understand Prysmian Group’s activities, mission, and results written in a concise, effective, and accessible style.

This is a very interesting project which represents another step forward in Prysmian's journey into the world of business-integrated Sustainability.