Prysmian Group’s commitment to the community:

The complex environmental situation that we have been experiencing for years, the dreadful scenes caused by the geopolitical conflicts we are witnessing, and the social tensions linked to macroeconomic conditions have changed the business world and the ways in which large companies deal daily with the territory in which they work. Today, it is not possible to consider financial performance only: all leading companies in their reference sector are called upon to rethink their role in a health, safety, environmental and support point of view for their local communities.

As an international company, Prysmian Group has long been embracing these values and – every day – it is committed to providing tangible support to people and communities in which it works. The very structure of the organisation mirrors this approach and is shared through “Social Ambition”. It is a policy foreseeing the implementation of a set of guidelines aimed at protecting Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and ensuring ethnic and gender equality, as well as the technical and professional development of its managers and employees through structured upskilling and inclusion programmes, also digital ones.

With this in mind, Prysmian Group has offered its support to Soleterre, a non-profit foundation that works for the acknowledgment and implementation of the Right to Health in its wider meaning, through a 125,000-euro donation targeted at purchasing an ultrasound scanner currently operating at the San Matteo Polytechnic Hospital in Pavia and accommodating children in need of oncological treatment and their mothers-caregivers in the same hospital.

Specifically, the donation of the new Esaote MyLabOmega portable ultrasound scanner to be used in the Paediatric Oncohaematology ward rounds out a journey to upgrade multidisciplinary diagnostic levels in a highly complex unit. The new equipment, featuring specialized sensors for multiple apparatuses and up-to-date software for image analysis, will improve diagnostic sensitivity and reliability and facilitate bedside consultations for young children, avoiding the resulting travel and inconvenience.

Last Tuesday, 4 October, Prysmian Group took part in the inauguration of the new machinery and visited the flats where a refugee family who fled the Russian-Ukrainian war is being accommodated. The event, organised by Soleterre and Fondazione Sodalitas, took place at the San Matteo Hospital in Pavia. Fabrizio Rutschmann, Chief HR Officer of Prysmian Group, and Ernesto Marzano, Industrial Relations, Employment Governance and Security VP of Prysmian Group, were welcomed by Stefano Manfredi, General Director of the San Matteo Hospital, Marco Zecca, Director of Paediatric Oncohematology at the San Matteo Hospital, Damiano Rizzi, psycho-oncologist and Chiarman of Fondazione Soleterre, Aldo Velardi, Head of Corporate Fundraising at Soleterre, and Patrizia Giorgio, CSR Program Manager of Fondazione Sodalitas. During the event, the protagonists emphasised the importance of prevention and the fight against inequalities, no matter what causes it, in their daily work as health is everyone’s right and a form of social justice.