Enel chose Prysmian P-Laser technology, the first 100% recyclable cable allowing CO2 emissions reduction by 40%.

Enel chose Prysmian P-Laser technology, the first 100% recyclable cable allowing CO2 emissions reduction by 40%.

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, confirms its support to global energy utilities involved in the upgrade and development of power grids to support the energy transition and the decarbonization processes. Prysmian has been awarded significant lots of a global tender from Enel for the supply of innovative power distribution cables in Italy, Spain and Latin America.

The agreement covers a duration of 3 years, with a mix of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage cables mainly based on the innovative P-Laser technology, a world-first in the industry developed by Prysmian Group that allows significant reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to a special sheath of vegetable instead of chemical origin. P-Laser cables represent 80% of the supply and will be manufactured in Prysmian Group’s plants mainly in Italy, Spain and LATAM.

“We are very proud of partnering with Enel in their effort towards the development of more efficient and greener power grids”, explains Massimo Battaini, COO Prysmian Group. “Grids with higher performance, wider capillarity and less environmental impact permit a more efficient use of the resources, especially those coming from renewable sources. Therefore, we are proud to offer Enel the best cable technology developed thanks to our continuous innovation efforts.”

P-Laser is the first 100% recyclable, eco-sustainable, high-performance cable technology based on a production process that reduces CO2 emissions by 40% and is fully compatible with traditional cable technologies already installed. The P-Laser cable system is based on the use of a patented thermoplastic material, HPTE (High Performance Thermoplastic Elastomer), which ensures that the product is fully recyclable, a simplified manufacturing process and a lower environmental impact than the traditional XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulation. This technology offers better electrical characteristics, and in particular higher performance at high temperatures, greater intrinsic reliability and greater productivity.

Prysmian Group will support Enel also in the digitalized management of power distribution grids, by providing its innovative IoT solution Alesea, a virtual assistant for cable drum management. This is particularly significant as this award will imply the supply of several thousands of reels every year and Alesea will be able to provide full inventory management services, as well as contributing to reducing the total cost of cable management, through better asset use and greater operating efficiency and sustainability.