Prysmian Group launches world’s first 180µm fibre cable for FTTx and 5G networks

Prysmian Group’s new Sirocco Extreme offers the world’s lowest diameter - 6.5mm for a 288-fibre blown microduct cable. Its density of 8.7 fibres per mm2 makes it possible to install 288 fibres into 8mm ID ducts that could previously house a maximum of 192 fibres. The record-breaking diameter and fibre density enables faster, more cost effective and environmentally friendly installations.

Sirocco Extreme combines Prysmian’s single-mode bend insensitive fibre BendBright ® XS 180µm fibre (ITU-T G.657.A2) and Sirocco HD cable technologies. Designed for installation into microducts, the cables are ideal for blowing into high density access, FTTx and 5G networks. This scalable, future-ready, high-density, physically compact solution is easily deployable. “Duct space is often congested and this space-saving cabling allows more fibres to be installed into the duct,” states Ian Griffiths, Director R&D Telecom Business at Prysmian Group. “The cables use less materials and weigh less, making them more environmentally friendly. Larger numbers of fibres can be fit into congested duct space and smaller ducts may be used for new installations. This results in lower installation costs and use of less raw materials, benefiting the total cost of network deployment and the environmental footprint”

“New generation access networks need to be more ‘dynamic’,” adds Adrian Amezcua Correa, ‪ TSS Telecom Solutions, Prysmian Group‬‬‬‬‬. “Large numbers of connections are being added to networks, so the cable systems need to support densification, allow easy handling and offer robustness. Cables with Bend-Insensitive fibres are less prone to handling issues that might occur during future network modifications, additions or upgrades.”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

“Prysmian’s BendBright® XS fibres are capable of providing the required cable density, and supporting the fibre spectrum demanded by new PON technologies,” says Ian Griffiths. “Bend-insensitive fibre’s resilience gives manufacturers the ability to design cabling solutions which were previously impossible to create, but are demanded by today’s rapidly changing environments. BendBright® XS 180µm is used in Sirocco Extreme for its excellent micro / macro bending performance, these fibres can be packed tighter into the cable, reducing its dimensions.”

“When IEEE or ITU develop a new PON standard, this needs to be capable of co-existing with existing PON systems. New systems operate at different wavelengths. As more wavelengths are occupied by previous generations, new systems may require utilization of longer wavelengths. Bending loss increases exponentially with wavelength - for non bend-insensitive fibres, this is a significant problem. If the fibre used in the network is not bend-insensitive, attenuation can rapidly increase due to accidental bends, for example. When new PON systems operate at longer wavelengths, the use of bend-insensitive fibre is recommended to future-proof the network” indicates Pierre Sillard, Fibre Products R&D Manager, Prysmian Group.

Sirocco Extreme is currently available in a fibre count of 288 with further fibre counts to be available later in the year. The cable conforms to international standards for optical and mechanical performance and benefits from using Prysmian’s PicoTube technology. This makes Sirocco Extreme up to 40% smaller than standard Sirocco microduct cables. Sirocco Extreme product enhancements show Prysmian Group’s commitment to the evolving needs of the global fibre market.