Prysmian selected to connect a major sports event with Subaqua fibre optic cables


Prysmian Group has been awarded a project by CDP in France to supply 38km of its Subaqua 96-fibre optic cables and connectivity to connect multiple islands at a major sports event. Prysmian’s cables and connectivity will connect the Teahupo'o site in French Polynesia, where the surf competition will be hosted. Cables will be produced in Vilanova (Barcelona) plant in Spain, and will be delivered within the end of 2023.

With the ability to withstand fresh and saltwater environments and sewer networks, Prysmian’s waterproof Subaqua cables are designed to connect short submarine lengths, such as ports, rivers, lakes and flooded areas. The fibres are hermetically sealed in a metal tube (FIMT) preventing water ingress and delivering guaranteed durability in extreme conditions. Compared with standard corrugated steel cables, Subaqua’s steel tube design is the only choice to ensure full water protection.

Prysmian’s Subaqua fibre cables are also ECO CABLE labelled. These labels use measurable and recognized assessment criteria inspired by international certification labels that inform customers of the cable’s sustainability benefits and overall impact on the environment. For example, the Subaqua cables allow a direct submarine connection between two points with a light installation cable infrastructure, avoiding longer terrestrial routes to connect fibre and ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of deployments.

Prysmian’s solutions for special environments

At Prysmian, our solutions go far beyond the cable and we embrace our commitment in connecting people across the globe – no matter how challenging the circumstances. Subaqua is part of Prysmian´s Specials FOC portfolio that provide fibre deployment solutions for the likes of oil and gas, underwater, railways, pipelines, highways and other harsh environments.

Prysmian can also offer a complete sensing system including specific fibres, optical cables and sensing equipment to detect and monitor the activities and processes of critical infrastructures. This includes detecting physical intrusions, tremors or leaks, to monitoring offshore windfarms’ performance or the throughput of a gas pipeline.

You can find out more information about Prysmian’s fibre optic cables and systems for special applications here: , or you can write our teams of specialists to have more information on these products [email protected].