Group Ownership Structure


Shareholders' Equity and Ownership Structure

At 31 December 2023, the share capital of Prysmian S.p.A. consisted of 276,534,448 shares, each of nominal value Euro 0.10 for a total of Euro 27,653,444.80.


The Company's free float was equal to 100% of the outstanding shares and major shareholdings (in excess of 3%) accounted for approximately 21% of total share capital, meaning there were no majority or controlling interests. Prysmian is now one of Italy's few globally present industrial concerns to have achieved true Public Company status in recent years.

Share ownership by type and significant shareholders

Source: elaboration on Nasdaq data
(*) Mainly comprises shares held by non-institutional investors and by third-party holders of shares for trading purposes.
More than 80% of the ownership structure (82.6%) consists of institutional investors
Source: elaboration on Nasdaq data

One-third of institutional investors are from the United States (30%). UK (28%) and French (12%) funds have a significant presence.

Source: elaboration on Nasdaq data

More than two-thirds (71%) of capital is held by investment funds with Value, Growth or GARP (Growth at Reasonable Price) strategies. They anticipate the creation of value by Prysmian over the medium-long term and consider the current share price to be undervalued given the prospects offered by the fundamentals of the Company.

Source: elaboration on Nasdaq data

The total number of ESG investors – that is, those who place environmental, social and governance issues at the center of their investment strategies – in Prysmian’s ownership structure is 49% (data as at 31 December 2023). In terms of type, the majority (about 80%) are core ESG investors, whose investment decisions are guided exclusively by ESG performance factors. These investors usually have a long-term investment horizon and strive actively to maintain constant, constructive dialogue on sustainability matters.

Furthermore, out of a total of 30,000 employees, one-third is company’s stable shareholders. Together with management, these employees own more than 3% of the share capital, investing directly in the Company and demonstrating their confidence in us.

The Group’s strength and expectations for growth in its target markets, thanks in part to the energy transition, electrification and digital transition megatrends, have enabled Prysmian’s stock to remain highly attractive in the market, confirmed by the opinion of financial analysts who at the end of the year recommended buying the stock (in 76% of total opinions) or keeping it in their portfolio (in 18% of total opinions). The Prysmian stock GAINED 18.8% in 2023, closing the year at Euro 41.17 per share versus Euro 34.66 per share at the end of 2022.