All Cables are not the Same (ACANTS)


A growing need for quality cables

Prysmian is helping build the cities of the future, today. Pioneering new buildings increasingly form part of a highly urbanised landscape that is expanding vertically to host many thousands more people.

In this fast-evolving environment, we support the construction industry as it faces continual challenges – maintaining quality of life for urban dwellers and upholding efficient installation times whilst providing effective new solutions for safety.

Cable quality has never been so crucial.

Fire: the facts


Growing fires inside buildings represent 90% of total fires


4000 people are killed by fire every year

2nd cause of fires

Faults in electrical installations are the second most common cause of fires.

Why quality counts

There can be kilometres of cable keeping a single building running and enhancing its safety – essential in fires and emergencies. Yet there are still non-compliant cables on sale today.

Cables may represent only a small percentage of a build’s cost. However, some people opt for low-quality products, causing risk to the building’s inhabitants and delays to installation time.

They may look similar on the surface, but the difference between a high-quality and a non-compliant cable is significant.

We’re leading the way in
cable safety

To prove the difference and drive a change in people’s mindset, Prysmian Group has developed the Prysmian performance test: the industry's only comprehensive test system. We evaluate cables on safety, performance and usability to quantify the benefits of using Prysmian Group cables.

There have been over 10,000 Prysmian performance tests, and we’ve compared more than 80 different brands in five different test categories:

  1. Geometrical
  2. Electrical
  3. Mechanical
  4. Performance
  5. Usability

The Prysmian difference

Demonstrably better in practice

Our cables have been analysed in real construction projects, and the findings revealed a superior level of safety, increased energy efficiency and savings on installation time of up to 32%. And that means a considerable saving on total project cost.

You’ll save more compared to purchasing low-quality cables.

We are committed to cable innovation that combines world-class functioning capabilities with measurable economic advantages, both on installation cost and total cost of ownership.


ACANTS - All cables are not the same


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