AIR-BAG™: Cable Mechanical Protection


A revolution in mechanical protection

Prysmian has designed and patented a groundbreaking solution that provides better mechanical protection than traditional metal-armoured cables at a lower cost, whilst maintaining the functional advantages of unarmoured cables.

How it works

AIR BAG™’s radical new design absorbs the kinetic energy of a shock by deforming on impact. This prevents residual energy damaging sensitive elements of the cable such as the insulation and screens; a problem often associated with metal armouring, and one that can potentially prejudice the integrity of the insulation leading to a decrease in long-term reliability.

It can be applied to multicore and single core cables, is flexible and easy to install, and it’s fully compatible with traditional joints and terminations.

Depending on the specific applications in use, different architectures are possible and it provides a dramatic improvement in mechanical resistance, with no significant variation in terms of weight and rigidity.


The polymeric extruded layers work together as a system and provide a very effective defence against impact.



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