P-Laser Technology


The future of Power Distribution

With energy now derived from a number of sources including wind, solar and hydro-electric, distribution networks require cables that can handle fluctuating demand. 

P-Laser is the solution. P-Laser is a totally eco-friendly cable, manufactured using thermoplastic materials.

500kg of high-quality plastics can be recovered from every kilometre of P-Laser cable. 

P-Laser’s production process utilises ‘zero-gas’ technology, reducing CO2 emissions by around 1 tonne/km. Degassing is no longer required and its use of thermoplastics means a more efficient, fully integrated production process from start to finish.

The possibility of uninterrupted, single-line manufacturing significantly streamlines the supply chain meaning customers receive the cable they need, faster and in a form thats fully compatible with their existing networks. It is capable of performing at higher temperatures than traditional cables, increasing the operating temperature range by over 20%.

P-Laser is the future of the power distribution industry

You’ll experience:

  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Optimised supply chain processes
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • More sustainable operations for your power distribution business.


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