New Installation capabilities for Submarine Cables


Installation capabilities

Our extensive track record means our knowledge of how to carry out a submarine cable installation is second to none – we make the best use of the available resources to ensure project efficiency and safety at all times. However challenging the conditions. From shallow water to deep water, from soft soils to hard soils, from single cable to bundled cables, we have the experience and assets to provide complete solutions across all manner of cable installations.

Largest state-of-the-art vessels fleet in the industry

Prysmian fields five of the most state-of-the-art cable-laying vessels in the world. They offer extended project versatility with deep-water installation capabilities of up to 3,000 m, as well as shallow-water and near-shore solutions

Monna Lisa: from genius to masterpiece, the new vessel is coming to life

We are thrilled to announce the name of Prysmian Group's forthcoming cable-laying vessel: "Monna Lisa"! Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's unparalleled masterpiece, this iconic name perfectly embodies the essence of our new addition to the fleet. Just like the enigmatic smile of the renowned Monna Lisa painting, our vessel represents a fusion of elegance, innovation, and ingenuity. As we set sail towards the future of undersea connectivity, we are proud to pay homage to one of the greatest artistic achievements in history.


Leonardo da Vinci

  • Length 171 m
  • Simultaneous laying and burial
  • DP3 capability
  • 2 carousels of 7000 tonnes and 10000 tonnes
  • Bundled cable laying
  • Designed for laying power cables up to 3,000 m water depth


  • Operations in 'ultra' shallow areas
  • 4-point mooring system with a main pull ahead winch
  • Main tools: vertical injector and the SeaREX trenching tool

Cable Enterprise

  • DP2 cable lay barge (DP2 conversion in 2015)
  • 4000 tonnes carousel
  • Bundled cable lay capability
  • 180T pull ahead winch for ploughing operations
  • Ability to ground out

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  • Newest addition to the cable laying fleet
  • Cable lay barge
  • 7000 tonnes carousel
  • 8 point mooring system
  • Bundled cable lay capability
  • Ability to ground out

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Giulio Verne


  • DP2 cable lay vessel
  • 7000 tonnes carousel
  • Extensive cable lay track record (> 10 years)
  • Bundled cable lay capability
  • Conducted deepest power cable lay at 1600m water depth

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Burial Tools

Through years of experience and constant innovation, we have developed the widest range of high-tech installation capabilities and burial tools in the global market. Equally,  our knowledge of how to carry out a submarine cable installation is second to none.

Sea Mole


  • 1200HP jet trenching ROV
  • 5 – 15 bar jetting pressure
  • Backwash system 

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  • Towed jetting system
  • Up to 12 bar jetting pressure
  • Subsea cable loading capability


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HD3 Plough


  • Jet assisted plough
  • 3.0 / 3.3m burial share
  • 150 ton bollard pull
  • Subsea cable loading capability
  • N°2 HD3 ploughs available


  • Shallow water jet trenching ROV

  • 5 - 15 bar jetting pressure


  • 4 m cable MBR
  • Variable Burial Depth
  • Diverless subsea cable loading and unloading
  • ROV emergency cable unloading system
  • Dedicated Launch and Recovery System
  • Jetting up to 850 m³/hr @ Nominal 10bar