Prysmian board of directors designates Massimo Battaini as next Group CEO candidate (effective as from the 2024 annual general meeting)

Valerio Battista will step down as CEO at the end of the current mandatePrysmian will host a capital market day on October 5th, 2023

Milan, Italy   -   26/05/2023 - 05:50 PM   -  

The Board of Directors of Prysmian S.p.A. (“Prysmian Group” or the “Company”) resolved to designate Massimo Battaini - current Director and Chief Operating Officer of Prysmian Group (“COO”) - as the next candidate for the role as Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), consistently with the Group Succession Plan, having been informed by the Company's CEO, Valerio Battista, of his unavailability to continue to serve as CEO for the next mandate (2024-2027). Massimo Battaini will be presented as CEO candidate in the slate that the Board will submit for the next election at the 2024 Annual General Meeting, when Valerio Battista will step down.

Claudio De Conto, Chairman of the Board: “on behalf of the Board of Directors, the management team and Prysmian’s 31,000 employees, we want to thank Valerio for his leadership and deep impact during his long tenure in the cable industry as CEO of the Prysmian Group organization and for the valuable contribution that he will continue to give to the Company until the natural end of his mandate and during the transition phase. Massimo Battaini is an experienced leader, with a deep knowledge of the cable industry and the Company and with the key qualities needed to ensure a smooth transition and to drive Prysmian with success in its next phase of growth”.

Valerio Battista, CEO: “I had the honor to lead the Company for nearly two decades and I had the privilege to be supported by a strong and long-lasting management team and many talented colleagues, without whom I couldn't have succeeded in bringing Prysmian to be the world leader in the cable industry. I am very proud of what we have achieved together. Massimo has been part of the team since the beginning of our journey and has played a key role in the most relevant moments of our Group. I have great confidence in Massimo as the selected candidate to my succession: he is a smart, value-focused and dynamic leader who will drive Prysmian’s growth with energy and discipline. I will fully support Massimo in the transition to his new role and I intend to remain supportive, in the way the board will deem most appropriate”.

Massimo Battaini, COO: “I'm honored to be the designated candidate to take over the leadership of this great Company. I look forward to channeling the energy and passion of our incredible people to seize the upcoming opportunities of the energy transition, electrification and digitalization. We will be disciplined and value-focused, while we work with our customers and partners with the main aim to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders”.

Prysmian will host a Capital Market Day on October 5th, 2023, to present an overview of the Group strategy. Details of the event will be provided in the coming weeks.


About Massimo Battaini

He started his career in the Pirelli Group in 1987 and held various positions in R&D and Operations over a 13-year period. After running the Business Development department from 2000 to 2002, covering the three Business Divisions of Tyres, Energy Cables & Telecom Cables, he was appointed Operations Director of Energy Cables and Telecom Cables at Pirelli Group.

Following the formation of the Prysmian Group through the selling of the energy & telecom cables and systems activities by Pirelli in 2005, Battaini was appointed CEO of Prysmian UK. In 2011 he was named COO of Prysmian Group, a position held until 2014 when he took on the role of Senior Vice President Business Energy Project and Chairman and CEO of Prysmian PowerLink S.r.l. serving in that position until June 2018, when he assumed the role of North America CEO.

In January 2021, Massimo Battaini was promoted to COO of Prysmian Group, also with the responsibility of the Group’s Regions.

Battaini holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan and an MBA from SDA Bocconi in Milan.

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