12th place for Giancarlo Pedote and Fabrice Amedeo in the Transat Jacques Vabre 2017

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Started from Le Havre on November 5, Fabrice Amedeo and Giancarlo Pedote cut, 07.16.16 (local time 11h16 Paris time) the finishing line of the Transat Jacques Vabre.

22/11/2017 - 01:00 AM

Ending in 12th place in Imoca, the two skippers of Newrest-Brioche Pasquier employed 16 days 21 hours 41 minutes et 16 seconds to take the theoretical 4,350 miles between Normandy and Salvador de Bahia. Happy ending after a course conducted with a perfect understanding from the beginning to the end, but the duo does not hide the frustration of not having been able to conduct boat at 100% of its potential. However, the experience remains positive.


It's done! After more than 16 days sailing the Atlantic in a scenery full of twists and turns, Fabrice Amedeo and Giancarlo Pedote reached Salvador de Bahia in 12nd place among the IMOCA. A result that was not expected at the start and that gives the skipper of Newrest-Brioche Pasquier a feeling somewhere between disappointment and enrichment, as Giancarlo Pedote explains on his arrival in Brazil:


«We made some strategic choices that didn't pay, but we always try to stay in the group. The explosion of the spi close to Cape Finisterre was a handicap we paid dearly, especially between Cape Verde and the arrival in Pot au Noir, but also in the last moments of the race. But more than anything, what remains inside me of this my first transat in Imoca is everything I have learned. The balance is positive, although from a performance point of view we could have done something better. On the human level, everything went very smoothly. Even without spi, we always managed to keep a smile on board. We have developed a good relationship with Fabrice. We had many good moments. All this still gives me more desire to be at the start of the next Vendée Globe. This Transat Jacques Vabre with Fabrice definitely infected me the virus of Imoca! ».


This contrasted feeling is fully shared by Fabrice Amedeo, skipper of Newrest – Brioche Pasquier, declaring: « I feel frustrated and glad of this Transat Jacques Vabre. Frustrated at first, because since Cape Finisterre, losing our Spi, we knew we couldn't play our direct competitors such as Yoann Richomme or Arnaud Boissières. Afterwards the Pot au Noir has been hard for everyone, even if it allowed us to regain a bit. But fortunately the frustration is not the only feeling I have! I am also honored to have shared this race with Giancarlo. Everything has gone extremely well between us. I learned a lot from him, particularly in the setting of flat sails, in which he excels. More generally, I spent time at sea, and it is always enjoyable! ».


The words of Prysmian Group to Giancarlo

Lorenzo Caruso, Corporate and Business Communications Director at Prysmian Group, historical sponsor of Giancarlo, supporting him also aboard of the Newrest-Brioche Pasquier, commented during a telephone interview: “We all followed Giancarlo in this new undertaking, day after day. We stood at his side during his – and our – first ocean crossing aboard an IMOCA. We are proud of how he reacted to unforeseen circumstances and of the spirit with which he faced a season of discovery and learning. We know that he is now an even more well-rounded skipper.”