Innovative thinking in the Australian T&I market

Australia   -   13/10/2017 - 02:00 AM

Prysmian Australia has launched a new Twin and Earth flat cable called ActivEdge™ at M-Elec’s PULSE event in Brisbane (Australia).

M-Elec, an innovative lighting company, approached Prysmian to find a solution that could complement a new product that was coming to the market: the Blind Snake™.  The Blind Snake™ is a Rapid Plug base that doesn’t require the use of tools when connecting the cable. It uses M-Elec’s patented Fang™ technology which pierces through the cable sheath and insulation to establish a successful connection.  The problem was how to easily identify the active core on a twin and earth flat cable. Finding the right solution would address two needs at once: easy core location and improved speed when connecting to a plug base.

A printed line on the cable sheath, on the side where the red (active) core is, was the right solution Prysmian found and ActivEdge™ was born.

The marking on the sheath allows easy identification of the active core without having to nick or cut through it, contributing to further reducing the total time of installation, providing the perfect solution to the trade and installers market.

Prysmian ActivEdge™ is available in 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2 sizes and in package lengths of 100m reels and 500m plastic drums.

More product information:

For more information about ActivEdge™ visit the dedicated page on Prysmian Australia web site

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