What is STEM IT?

STEM IT is our new five-year Professional Development Program customized for Professionals who are interested in developing their career in STEM roles and eager to make a real impact in the Energy Transition and Digitalization of our Communities. The 2024 edition will be number 3.

We aim to hire Professionals who are passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math who will have the opportunity to unleash their potential on amazing engineering projects.

You’ll join a team in your Country of employment and your role will directly contribute to the local organization’s results. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a global network of 220+ STEM IT colleagues!

We dream big, we value innovation, we are committed to creating a greener future.
As successful as we’ve been in the past, we have so much further to go. That’s where you come in. Join us!


Are you up for the challenge?


Being a part of the STEM IT Program, your development will be supported with a 5-year plan built around initiatives, training and networking, while playing a key role for the local organization and contributing to its results.

The program starts from day 1; you will then join a one-week Global Induction with a track of training and activities created through the collaboration between Prysmian Group Academy and a top-ranking Business School.

After the induction, your learning path continues with training courses and networking events, that will allow you to develop your skills and unlock your full potential.

  • During YEAR 1, after your local onboarding, you will be involved in training courses on soft skills and diversity & inclusion, with the aim of building the foundations of our diverse culture and leadership.
  • In YEAR 2 and 3, you’ll take part in customized technical and advanced training courses through our Prysmian Group Academy, in collaboration with top Business Schools. Here you will build a strong professional network and learn how to apply the skills you have developed in your work. The STEM IT journey offers you much more than that! During your third year, you'll be assigned to a new role, depending on your performance, strongly linked to the core of our business.
  • In YEAR 4 and 5, you'll also have the opportunity to challenge yourself through engaging leadership courses based on performance and potential. In addition, you'll be involved in challenging projects and job rotations at local or regional level, continuing your career in the Prysmian Group.

The STEM IT Program Journey

Who are you?

  • You are keen on developing your career in STEM in the following areas: Manufacturing, Quality & HSE, Project Services and Installation, IT, Supply Chain, R&D
  • You have solid experience in one of these fields and have strong interest in our industry
  • You speak English fluently
  • You have good communication and presentation skills
  • You have a hands-on approach and you like influencing colleagues with the power of data
  • You enjoy working in a dynamic environment

The Recruiting Process


Prysmian Group Women in STEM

We’ve started our diversity and inclusion efforts with our “Side by Side” initiatives; we believed then and we strongly advocate even more now that people create companies and their own values and stories. Being a more supportive and inclusive company also means becoming a better one and more performing one. Our path is made of everyday activities and long-term plans. That’s why we have targets to achieve by 2030 in the area of social sustainability.

One of our goals is to involve +500 women in a fully dedicated STEM program by 2030.

Ready to embark on a new journey with us?

Join a global network of STEM colleagues!

“My experience in Prysmian Group has been great. 3 months ago I took the decision to leave my previous job (12 year) for this new opportunity. Today I'm sure it was the best decision. Prysmian is a company to grow up, where the development of human talent comes first, enhancing skills and giving value to products with its people. My professional career development has been constantly supported since I began with programs like STEM it (MAKE it) and mentoring programs. They are part of the tools that make me feel safe and happy with my development and the future in this organization”.

Dayan Miguel, Process Engineer Manager

“My name is Federico and I’m responsible for Group Lean & Industry 4.0 at Prysmian Group. In my job I have the chance to work on challenging projects and collaborate with colleagues from all over the world. One of aspect that I enjoy the most is the opportunity to combine the strategic view with the technical one, allowing me to develop my professional skills and support the growth of our 100+ plants in the world”

Federico, Group Lean & 4.0 Manager

“Working for Prysmian has been, and still is, a very intense journey. Born by chance, like all important stories, from a strong harmony with the values of the Company. A Company that asks a focused commitment for the best result, but which supports and strengthens its own resources. Working at Prysmian means never settling for the obvious, but going further and further, being part of a Team. Working at Prysmian has taught me to be always humble, consistent, clear and sincere. It has given me the opportunity to share my vision of things, put my passion into the things I do every day, together with my Team.”

Marco, Plant Director, Telecom Business Unit

“If I had to find a keyword to inspire women who would like to pursue a career in STEM it would be transformation. Ask yourself questions, try new experiences, do everything to get to know yourself and the others. Finding a purpose in life translates into a more fulfilled life for you and some inspiration for those around you.”

Cristina Elena, Process Engineer

“To describe my program in one word: discovering. For those who want to start a career in STEM I would suggest not to believe people who tell you, that you are not capable of doing what you want to do. Believe in yourself. There is nothing impossible for those with enough will power”

Juliana, Supply Chain Manager

“started with Prysmian Group 7 months ago after graduating with my bachelor’s degree. I have been absolutely blown away by how nurturing this company is. Everyone is willing to listen, help, and guide me in the right direction. I feel very lucky to be part of a company where I can see myself significantly developing my career. The STEM IT program has provided me with so many connections, all over the world, and has shown me that even though the company is global, we are all part of something great.​”

Pauline, Senior Process Engineer

“To participate the women leadership induction training is meaningful. Although only 5 days online training ,the learning content is rich and colorful, it enable me to organically connect different disciplines and knowledge systems to think about the problems faced by enterprises in market competition and management.​”

Han, Quality Manager

“My name is Francesca and I am the responsible Product Development Manager (R&D) of the plant in Nuremberg (Germany).​ The mentoring program STEM IT gives us the chance to get to know a lot of other technical engineers around the world, figuring out their own path to help the company to develop even more.​ One of the biggest advantages I see in the STEM IT program is to empower and encourage also other women to work in the engineering field and to support one another in each of our steps.​ I am looking forward for the further journey in the program!​ To participate the women leadership induction training is meaningful. Although only 5 days online training ,the learning content is rich and colorful, it enable me to organically connect different disciplines and knowledge systems to think about the problems faced by enterprises in market competition and management.​”

Francesca, Product Development Manager

“I have seen the power and vision of my company after a week in Milan with global induction programme. As a chemical engineer who only has minor idea about business, It was such a privilige for me having lectures from SDA Bocconi professors and learning the core meaning of drive-trust-simplicity from Prof. Bettina Gehrke. Last but not least it’s good to know that I have friends in another hemisphere.​”

Yetisen, Material Technologies Specialist

“I have joined Prysmian Group in July 2022, as a member of the STEM IT program and being part of it has been a fantastic experience. From day one I could notice the effort Prysmian Group makes to get their new employees feeling at home. There is always opportunities of learning and both personal and professional growth. For instance, I had the chance of visiting Milan Headquarters, learn more about topics like sustainability, innovation, customer centricity and also expand my network with people from different cultures and life backgrounds, which was really enriching and lately helped me to have new ideas at work. ​ ​”

Thiago, Product Engineer (R&D)

“The Global Induction for the STEM IT program was an amazing experience. Professionally, I had the chance to meet wonderful colleagues from all around the world, discover the path for the following years and the potential development our careers could have. Moreover, I would like to highlight the relationships we created and how interesting it was to get to know each other from different cultures and backgrounds. The Program’s future seems really challenging with amazing things to do together. Looking forward to it!”

Nicolas, Planning Professional

I'd like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the STEM IT journey. We have the opportunity to meet people from various regions, as well as form relationships and share ideas with one another. Our company leaders have given us the opportunity to hear about the company's strategy and vision.. Finally, I'd like to thank Prysmian for providing me with these opportunities and making them an invaluable learning experience for me

Pichita, Process Engineer

During my STEM IT-journey in Milan, this experience enriched with learning while interacting with 130+ Talented People from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Surrounded by brilliant, responsive, and leading-edge top management during our induction process bridged the relationship between top company leaders and newly joined employees. Those interactive sessions with the top leadership demonstrated the Prysmian’s approach towards developing global sustainable and innovative solutions. I am excited and thrilled to see what the future holds for me with the Prysmian Group for the next 5 years being part of this STEM IT Program

Zain, Installation Proposal Engineer


Yes, it does. You will be hired with a permanent contract in your Country of employment.

After your local onboarding, you will join an induction together with the newly hired participants of our SELL IT and SUM IT programs. Here you will get a great overview of our business, our products and Sales Strategy. You will attend the trainings organized by the Prysmian Group Academy in collaboration with a Top-Ranking Business School. During the program, your learning path will continue through technical and advanced trainings, as well as networking events with our senior leaders.

By joining us, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your career and thrive thanks to our Prysmian Group Academy, offering technical trainings that will help you quickly get up-to-speed on the business and our culture. Based on performance and potential, you’ll also be able to join selective leadership trainings in partnership with Top Business Schools.


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