BE IN our newest shares-based profit-sharing plan

Launched in 2022, the BE IN Plan is part of Value4All program; and represents another path to achieving our Social Ambition 2030 goal of having 50% of employees as shareholders. This Employee Share Ownership Plan is designed to share value creation, mitigate inflation, and provide further benefits especially to Non-Desk Workers, rewarding through increased engagement and alignment to the Company’s performance.

"We are a genuine public company and it is key for us to align the interests of all stakeholders, from employees to shareholders, around the common goal of creating long-term sustainable value. To achieve this goal, it is therefore essential to involve those who are not recipients of share-based incentive plans usually reserved for managers and executives."
Valerio Battista, Prysmian Group CEO

BE IN is currently aimed at 10,000+ employees between non-desk and desk workers in 60+ plants and 23+ countries.




Countries-wide participation | Location-specific participation | In discussion with Works Council


With BE IN

  • eligibile employees might opt to convert some or all of their monetary bonus or production bonus in Company Shares;
  • participation will include a Company match of additional Shares calculated based on the initial shares and a possible retention bonus;
  • participants cannot be in either an LTI or MBO plan.

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Marchini Laura

  • Head of Compensation & Benefits International Mobility