Association Memberships

Our relationships for the future

Collaborating with other industry members on technical and regulatory solutions makes the entire sector stronger and more innovative and strengthens Prysmian’s leadership.

“Collaboration is essential when it comes to sustainable innovation in the energy and telecommunications sector. Prysmian is an active participant in facing new challenges,” said Chief Investor Relations, Sustainability and Communications Officer Maria Cristina Bifulco.

Prysmian's leadership in the cables sector means it needs to play a proactive role in dealing with new issues as they come up and finding solutions by sharing best practices across the entire sector. Prysmian actively participates in major trade associations and industry groups to take part in setting policy guidelines along with partners and competitors. Reaching sustainability goals requires industry-wide teamwork. Membership in trade groups aimed at improving the industry’s sustainability is therefore strategic for Prysmian.


Providing global technology leadership since 1991

Europacable represents the world’s largest cable manufacturers and highly specialised SMEs in discussions with European institutions, monitoring policy and regulatory debates. Prysmian participates actively in various working parties, and even plays a leadership role in those with a specific focus on sustainability.

Download The Europacable Industry Charter

Prysmian and UN Global Compact


Prysmian belongs to the Global Compact, whose principles and spirit are reflected in the culture, values and practices of the Group. Consistent with the principles of the Global Compact, Prysmian adopts policies and tools that safeguard the environment, human rights and workers’ rights while supporting local communities and the most vulnerable.

Responsible Mica Initiative

In 2021, Prysmian joined - as the first cables sector business - the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI), which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the elimination of child labour and precarious working conditions in the mica supply chain. Participation in the Responsible Mica Initiative is consistent with the social ambition objectives of Prysmian and the commitment of the Group to improving the lives of people in the communities and territories in which we work.

Friends of Sustainable Grids (FOSG)

A dedicated team of European sustainable energy advocates

Non-profit association promoting a pan-European renewable electricity grid that efficiently offers secure and economically-accessible energy. The association mainly focuses on such topics as efficient governance, a harmonised regulatory approach and energy education.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Council

Founded in 2004, this group with 150 members seeks to accelerate the dissemination of optical fibre connectivity. Its vision foresees a sustainable future made possible by the economic growth deriving from new services that use high-speed FTTH technology.

Wind Europe

Over 450 members, counting manufacturers, suppliers and academics, have joined forces to promote wind energy throughout the world via research and outreach, seminars and political guidance.

The Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy

Prysmian joined the “Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy” in 2022. This independent global alliance aims to promote sustainability and social responsibility, embedding them in the renewable energy sector. The objective of the alliance, open to all interested Stakeholders, is to ensure that the renewables sector is fully sustainable and respects human rights throughout the entire value chain.