E PATH, Prysmian's ever-growing commitment for the Planet

We provide products that are the green life blood that brings energy and communications to homes, infrastructures and cities around the world.

With a business strategy consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to be green inside. We express this through products that when installed in homes, infrastructures and cities around the world, make these just as green inside.

E Path goes beyond cables, embracing services and projects consistent with our strategy to be a solution provider.

On the same page as our customers


We aim to share the same green language as our customers, bringing to their supply chains products that meet measurable and recognized criteria, in a perfect fit with a circular economy.


E Path

Six measurable and known criteria

To be E Path-labelled, each cable family has to pass a rating process based on the following criteria: Carbon Footprint (calculated according to “cradle-to-gate” approach and combined with other parameters to achieve full “cradle-to-grave” carbon footprint); Substances of Very High Concern (absence of substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction, or hazardous for the environment); Recyclability/Circularity (materials used in cables are potentially recyclable or products themselves are potentially fully recyclable); Recycling Input Rate (presence of recycled material in a cable, both purchased from external suppliers and reused by Prysmian itself); Environmental Benefits (low-carbon enabling products, CPR compliant cables and cables used for green energy sources); Cable Transmission Efficiency (the more efficient the cable, the more sustainable its performance. For Optical cables this means an increase in fibre density).

E Path videogallery

10 Jan 2024

Carbon Footprint, Reciclability/Circularuty, Recycling Input Rate

10 Jan 2024

Environmental Benefits, Cable Transmission Efficiency

10 Jan 2024

Substances of Very High Concern

Our Target


E Path is our pledge to provide transparent and clear indications and information, using recognized criteria, on the greenness of our cables based on our three key drivers: SUSTAINABILITY, RELIABILITY and QUALITY.

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