Yamal LNG

Yamal LNG

Yamal LNG

The Yamal Peninsula is remote. So remote that in the local language, Yamal translates as “end of the land”.
But it is also the location of one of Russia’s largest gas construction projects.

This $28Bn investment involves the design and construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) production facility, a deep-water port, a 280 MW power plant and an airport.

When the facility reaches full capacity in 2021, the three LNG trains will produce a total of 16.5 M tonnes of liquefied gas a year. This will be shipped to customers in Asia in a fleet of LNG carriers specially built to handle Artic condition.

The project is led by Technip-FMC Group and involves multiple contractors working on plant modularization. In the effort to optimize the modularization, with focus on installation and maintenance, they have challenged suppliers to solve a very diverse range of technical cabling issues in this very remote location where the temperature drops to -30 0C in winter.

Prysmian Group has a comprehensive portfolio of cables and cabling solutions and a reputation for the supply of safe, cost-effective and high quality applications for the oil and gas industry. Therefore, it is not a surprise that we have been awarded contracts relevant to gas pipeline, LNG facility including storage and the power plant.

Power Plant:

Prysmian has supplied 28 km of high voltage cables (110 kV) across the site. They were designed for installation on flat racks in the open air and before shipment, they passed a battery of quality measurements, including pulse testing to make sure they would operate if the temperature were to drop down to -50 0C.

LNG Facility:

Due to the location and small window for installation, the LNG trains and utilities units have been designed for modular construction. Prysmian has supplied medium voltage, low voltage, control and instrumentation cables to connect process and auxiliary units in the prefabricated modules.

All the products supplied use the Prysmian “Arctic Onshore” low temperature technology and are fully compliant with GOST standards and project-specific technical requirements. This means they will continue to perform in the extreme temperature and weather conditions minimizing the risk of costly downtime.

For the Yamal LNG project, our Medium Voltage cables were sourced from Turkey, our High Voltage cables from Italy. Our Low Voltage, Control and Instrumentation cables from Spain and Singapore.