Pioneers in offshore wind projects

Pioneers in offshore wind projects




Our type-tested solution for these systems enables cost reductions of up to 15% for offshore wind farms.



It’s a fast-paced and competitive sector, and Prysmian is proud to be involved in most of the major worldwide projects today. Put simply, we’re the industry leader.

Our new projects are driving innovation and breaking boundaries in cable delivery. Current undertakings see us supporting our customers in meeting the requirements of crucial new environmental energy policies set by European governments, including Germany.

A state-of-the-art product range

As showcased at the most recent WindEnergy event in Hamburg, Germany in 2016, we have innovative, sustainable and cost-effective cable solutions for the offshore renewable power sector. 

As a trusted and dedicated partner we continue to support the needs of this growing industry, offering medium voltage inter-array cables, High-Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) and High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) export cables.

In March 2016, we were the first cable manufacturer to announce the successful qualification of our 66 kV cable system for offshore wind inter-array networks within the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) programme.


The three-core 66 kV EPR-insulated ‘wet-design’ cable system can feature either aluminium or copper conductors and comes with integrated optical elements that include factory and field joints, as well as plug-in terminations (using our proprietary Click-FitTM technology).

How? Advanced EPR insulation. This material performs to the highest standards when in direct contact with water, whilst boasting the cost effectiveness of a lighter, lead-free design.

A reputation for world-first project wins


Why are we consistently chosen for some of the biggest projects in the world? Our unparalleled expertise, unmatched production capacity and state-of-the-art installation capabilities. We continue to demonstrate our commitment to supporting smarter and greener power grids worldwide.

In 2010, we won the contract for the Borwin2 project, which set a number of milestones in the industry. Linking two offshore wind farms in the North Sea to mainland Germany, it was the first commercial ± 300 kV DC cable project to use extruded technology (the highest direct current voltage level ever reached at that point), the first 800 MW connection to offshore wind parks and the largest VSC system with a capacity of 800 MW.

Sylwin1 went even further, setting new technological milestones. The project involved a longer DC cable connection and is the highest-ever rated system for VSC technology with a power rating of 864 MW operating at the highest commercially available voltage level of ± 320 kV DC. 

Prysmian was responsible for the complete supply, installation and commissioning of submarine and land cable connections as part of a larger contract awarded to the consortium of Prysmian and Siemens Energy.


Consistently trusted partners


Sylwin 1 re-affirms our relationship with TenneT who have awarded Prysmian the submarine and land cable systems a total of five grid connection projects in recent years.



A snapshot of our production and execution capabilities


Our world-class dedicated marine fleet has recently expanded with the addition of the €20 million Ulisse cable-laying vessel. It joins the Cable Enterprise and Giulio Verne, boosting our submarine project execution capabilities, allowing us to offer an ever wider and more versatile range of installation services, and strengthening our position in this highly strategic sector.

Prysmian has recently been involved in some of the largest power transmission and offshore wind-park developments worldwide such as Walney, Ormonde, Gunfleet Sands, Thanet and Greater Gabbard in the UK as well as Alpha Ventus, Borwin2 and Helwin1 in Germany. We believe this marks us out as a preferred partner for complex offshore projects.