Delivering outstanding technology that our customers can count on

Delivering outstanding technology that our customers can count on


We’ve worked side by side with TPG, one of Australia’s leading telecoms companies, for many years. So when they came to us looking for a higher fibre-count cable than ever before, we welcomed the challenge.

One of the first customers to trial our innovative Flextube® technology with great success, we knew it was the ideal design to customise further for their latest application.

What is Flextube®?

Light, flexible and quicker to prepare and terminate, Flextube® is an optical micromodule cable which can be built into many different designs for both internal and external use.


Flextube® 2112F.  A revolution in cable capacity.

Previously 1728 was the highest fibre density available. But we needed to think even bigger. With a 2000+ cable as our goal, we rearranged our entire Calais factory, even drafting in additional equipment to guarantee success. The resulting Flextube® 2112 is not just the highest fibre count we’ve ever made.

Containing 2112 fibres – that’s a record-breaking 4.7 fibres per mm2 - it offers unparalleled data capacity. But it’s not just the fibre count that adds up. At 24 mm in diameter, the design still fits perfectly into standard 32 mm subducts, meaning it’s compatible with existing networks and it’s quick and easy to install. And with no requirement for costly upgrades, that means significant savings for our customers.

For TPG, the ability to install over 2,000 fibres in a single cable reduces the cost of installation per fibre. Flextube® also reduces the installation time by approximately 40–50%. In-the-field time savings of this extent translate to significant labour savings and reductions in deployment timescales.

Reggie Naik

General Manager – Fibre Operations at TPG Telecom

A complete solution

But that’s not the only advantage. With this in mind, we utilised the new modular cable joint, recently pioneered in our UK plant, which offers connectivity that can be expanded to accommodate up to 2688 fibres, depending on customer requirements.

"Prysmian continues to push the boundaries in terms of telecom solutions. We respond to market demand through innovation and currently the market is demanding higher capacity cables. It’s not just about offering new innovative cable designs but offering a complete network solution including jointing and connectivity products."

Alice Codenotti

Key Account Manager at Prysmian Australia

A job well done

We delivered a 1.8 km section of 2112F cable to TPG for use in Melbourne’s central business district. And already, it’s starting to change how they do business in the future.

Being able to install over 2,000 fibres in one helps us secure capacity in high-demand areas, allowing us to future proof our fibre network.

Liz Goyeneche

Network Design and Planning Manager at TPG Telecom


We now field the largest telecoms factory in Australia and, with the launch of our new Flextube® line, we’re streets ahead in the technology telecoms industry. But we won’t stop there. We’ll continue pushing boundaries in product solutions, responding to market demand with innovation backed up by complete solutions. Stand by for more world firsts.

Product Numbers


fibres in a cable


fibres per square millimetres

50 %

reduction installation time

24 mm