Product Technology Innovation

But we’re already ahead of the game

As HV and Submarine Transmission lines become longer and longer, as depths become deeper and deeper, and as power ratings become higher and higher, the demands and technical challenges faced by cables and systems are becoming greater and greater. We want there to be no distance that can’t be covered. No depth that can’t be reached. No limit to the voltage that can be transmitted. And so we’re innovating to make that happen.


P-Laser is the first 100% recyclable, eco-sustainable, high-performance cable technology based on HPTE (High Performance Thermoplastic Elastomer) insulation. With a solid history in medium-voltage application, this fully qualified high-performance insulation system has evolved over the years in a comprehensive high-voltage development program of rigorous testing and extensive trials. P-Laser is suited for the highest voltage levels, delivering enhanced thermal performance and high intrinsic reliability that enable more flexible and sustainable solutions, such as installation with smaller trench widths. It is fully recyclable, and with increased productivity and 30% lower CO2 emissions in production, has much higher environmental credentials compared to more conventional technologies.

Currently for example, we’re working on Ultra High Voltage (UHV) DC systems, aiming to develop an 800 kV extruded solution to add to our current 600 kV provision. The deepest cable ever installed to-date reached a depth of 1.6 km. But we’re hard at work developing a system to reach depths of 3,000 m – almost doubling today’s possibilities.

…. almost doubling today’s possibilities.

Prysmian Group’s ±525 kV cable is a new technology developed in our labs to deliver more efficient and reliable power over long distances. These underground cable systems can transport energy at higher voltage levels and with large conductor cross-sections, providing optimal technical solutions for long-distance high-power transmission with minimized land use. Installing ±525 kV DC cables enables asset owners to transmit the same amount of power (compared for example with a ±320 kV DC system) using less cables, thus requiring less space and narrower trenches. That means less civil works to install the system, which is particularly important for large projects because it reduces the impact on environment and local communities.


We’re also pushing the limits traditionally associated with Offshore Wind Farm cable applications...

We aim to expand both the range of cables available and the power that each individual cable can carry from farms to shores – for both HVAC and HVDC. Although we currently offer the highest voltage 3-core AC cables available on the market at 245 kV, we’re aiming to deliver 420 kV capabilities. And we’re innovating for a more sustainable future too, implementing designs that reduce the power dissipation – or ‘power losses’ – that commonly occurs with the transmission of energy. Our 66 kV inter-array cables for example, present considerable sustainable advantages to their more common 33 kV counterparts.


  • More unit power is provided to reduce the number of turbines and associated array cables, consequently reducing the cable and installation costs.
  • Because fewer cables are entering the offshore substation in question, the number of J-tubes, transformers and switches, as well as the space these items require can be reduced.
  • Our 66 kV inter-array cables are approved by the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme.

In addition, our rigorously-tested dynamic cables are changing the game for wind service providers. Specifically designed and constructed for use with floating windmills in deep waters, they have the ability to withstand mechanical fatigue over the entire expected life of a system.

We’re focused on investing, developing and mastering leaner engineering processes and cutting-edge products and services that guarantee improved logistical efficiency and a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers.  

We’re currently creating higher power ratings for HV and EHV Land Systems applications, through increasing both voltage level and conductor size – up to 4,000 mm2.

What’s more, our offering of smart monitoring systems is going from strength to strength. We now deliver cables and cable systems equipped with integrated sensors that allow optimal use of the assets; monitor temperature, partial discharge and mechanical strain; and increase the speed with which cable faults can be detected.

Always striving to deliver the highest value for our customers, we are working towards an online fault-location feature that will further enhance the speed, accuracy and efficiency of systems monitoring in line with their evolving needs.