Power Cables - Low Voltage (LV)


LV cables manufactured for excellence

When purchasing low-voltage cables, you want reliability and peak performance built-in. Prysmian Group offers an unrivalled portfolio of low-voltage cables that are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Our cables can also be tailor-made for more detailed specifications, as and when our customers need it.

Our electrical equipment is designed for use with a voltage rating between 50V and 1000V for alternating currents, and between 75V and 1500V for direct current.


All cables are not the same

Supporting the growing need for quality

Prysmian Group is helping to build the cities of the future, today. Our market-leading safety technology is supported by efficient installation and maintenance processes to deliver the latest in performance, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Cable quality has never been so crucial. We support the construction industry as it searches for new ways to maintain quality of life for urban dwellers. All while enabling efficient installation times and providing effective new safety solutions.


Low fire hazard and fire-resistant solutions

We’re committed to safety.

The performance of cables in a fire is critical. As connectors of a building, poor-quality cables can hasten the spread of fire, putting people and property at risk.

We offer our customers a complete service, meeting not only the technical needs of each project, but suggesting and implementing solutions for increased safety. Our aim is to offer groundbreaking products with superior performance, as well as meeting the highest standards of product safety to prevent and limit the effects of fire.


Low smoke zero halogen cables

Limiting the life-threatening effects of fire.

When PVC cables are exposed to flame or extreme temperatures they can release a dangerous combination of acid, gas or toxic smoke. Prysmian’s LS0H cable jacketing is made with thermoplastic or thermoset compounds specially designed to release a very limited amount of smoke, making them ideal for poorly ventilated areas and emergency evacuation routes. And the lack of dangerous hydrogen chloride gas production means risks associated with inhalation or exposure to hydrochloric acid are minimised.


Fire-safe solutions you can trust

Fire: the facts

50 years ago, fire could engulf a room in 25 minutes. Today, it takes just three. Although construction materials and buildings have changed dramatically in this time, fire safety regulations have failed to keep pace.

When it comes to cable performance in emergencies, it’s critical to assess:

Reaction to fire. How quickly the cables spread flames, and how much smoke or dangerous gas is released.

Resistance to fire. How long a circuit remains functional for use by emergency services.


Construction Products Regulation

Are you used to the new CPR? On 1 July 2017, CPR (Construction Product Regulation) became mandatory throughout the EU. This regulation defines the rules and requirements of construction products to be manufactured, distributed or installed – cables included.


Safety and security are our priority

  • We supply reliable and competitive safety solutions that aren’t limited by technology or materials.
  • We communicate with end-users, opinion leaders and electrical professionals about the importance of fire safety-compliant cables for people and animals, and the importance of choosing safer cabling when designing and constructing buildings.
  • We lead in safety, producing competitive fire-resistant and low fire hazard cables, and continually growing our product range to offer customers the latest in safe cables.


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