Fire Resistant Cables

The "resistance-to-fire" of a cable means how long a cable continues to operate in a fire. This depends on the property of its component materials, and its assembly or structure. Resistance can be crucial in the case of fire-fighting installations, such as sprinkler systems.

For cables, resistance-to-fire relates to:

  • The ability of a cable to maintain functionality during fire
  • The duration of survival in working condition


The resistance-to-fire performance is measured as follows: 15, 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes of operation in a standardised fire condition at European Level (CENELEC) and equivalent international (IEC).
We always produce cables that are compliant to the most stringent international regulations. In addition, any specific local standards or customer specifications can be achieved with our local or tailor-made products.
The resistance-to-fire of buildings products and structures is normally regulated by National Authorities. Visit our local websites for further information.