AFUMEX Cable: a Prysmian Technology

At Prysmian, we are dedicated to continuous research and development in the pursuit of technology that addresses the many and evolving needs of our customers in the simplest and most effective way possible.

AFUMEX provides a number of groundbreaking features in one cable. Put simply, it represents a technologically and ecologically sound answer to the problem of emissions.

AFUMEX belongs to the family of cables categorised as Low Fire Hazard. This means that when exposed to fire they have a low rate of flame spread and release less heat. They also emit lower levels of smoke, dangerous gas and corrosive acids or effluents. These features can be crucial in an emergency as they provide more time for inhabitants to evacuate a building that is on fire and present a less hazardous environment for in-coming rescue teams. 

AFUMEX embraces an LSOH (low-smoke zero-halogen) compound technology that offers a higher rate of performance than traditional materials.
Due to its outstanding performance in various functioning tests, which indicated it’s superiority in maintaining function under duress, it has been adopted by all Prysmian Group Companies worldwide.

AFUMEX main characteristics:

  • Limited fire propagation

  • Very low emission of smoke

  • Halogen free

  • Ecologically sound cable composition

AFUMEX confirms to the standards of IEC 60332-3 and EN 50266, relating to the propagation of the fire. It is aligned with the European recommendations for safeguarding the atmosphere (ISO 14000).



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